Proposed Structure

W. E. B. Du Bois Museum Complex

As shown in the conceptual design, the completed W. E. B. Du Bois Museum Complex at No 22 First Circular Road, Cantonments, Osu, Accra, Ghana, will have these major structures:

  • Retail Pavilion

  • Memorial Pavilion

  • Outdoor Auditorium

  • Bu Bois House

  • Institute Building

  • Marcus Garvey Guest House

Retail Pavilion

The Retail Pavilion is along the entrance and edges of the Complex. It has:

  • Gift, Art and Craft Shops and space for artisans.

  • A Café with open veranda spaces with chairs and tables for sitting and relaxation.

W.E.B and Shirley Du Bois Memorial Pavilion

The W.E.B. and Shirley Du Bois Memorial Pavilion is the heart of the Complex and the most solemn, revered, and dignified place to visit. It contains the shrine and mortal remains of Dr. Du Bois and the ashes of his wife Shirley Graham Du Bois.

  • It has a bust of Du Bois overlooking the space

  • It has a special place for Contemplation and a large open space for formal gathering and lectures

The Du Bois House

The refurbished and restored bungalow where W. E. B. Du Bois lived, worked, and died with his wife, Shirley Graham. It has a restored flooring, windows, furniture, and fixtures to their original state.

Institute Building

The Institute Building is the largest structure in the Complex. It contains:

  • The Museum/Gallery

  • The Library/Research/Reading Room

  • Administrative Offices

  • A large Event Hall on the ground floor

The Museum/Gallery

The fully curated Museum/Gallery exhibits historical pictures, mementos and other items belonging to Dr Du Bois and his wife Shirley Graham.

It celebrates the life and works of Dr. Du Bois in the civil rights movement in the United States, the Pan African (Emancipation) Movement which originated in the United Kingdom and his work in Ghana

The Library/Research/Reading Room

The Library is another important feature of the Complex that contains books, periodicals, and publications by and about Dr Du Bois and his wife Shirley Graham.

It also contains books, periodicals, and publications about the Pan African movement and concept. The Library also contains a special rare books room which houses the personal papers, books, and journals of Dr. Du Bois and Shirley Graham.

Outdoor Auditorium / Amphitheater

The Outdoor Auditorium is used for Cultural and Artistic performances, informal and formal gatherings, Conferences, Lectures, shows and Special Events.

It has interactive video system with large screens to show live and recorded Events both local and from overseas.

Marcus Garvey Guest House

The Marcus Garvey guest house will be renovated with new roofing, flooring, furnishing, and fixtures to accommodate visiting scholars, visitors, and special guests of the Museum.